Home Away From Home

Korean-American artists Joori Jung, dancer and choreographer, and Na Forest Lim, film director, have collaborated to create a dance film “Home Away From Home” that acts as a Stop Asian Hate PSA.

The PSA follows Joori, a Detroit artist who experienced a hate crime as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The story follows Joori’s personal journey in embracing her culture and finding the courage to stand up against Asian-American hate. Film Director Na Frenette describes the film as “sincere and connected… steeped with honest and raw emotion”, which helps the audience feel the unexpected, poetic, and dignified tone that is displayed in Joori’s movements. This film extends empathy and comfort towards Asian Americans through an artistic sensitivity and approach. The film was created with special funding support from the Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission. #homeawayfromhome #stopasianhate #horangis #koreandetroitcreators #joorijung #nafrenette

Starring: Joori Jung
Director: Na Forest Lim
Producer: Ashley Carey
Cinematographer: Richie Trimble
Editor: Santi Ward
Colorist: Phil Choe
Music By: William Ryan Fritch


Arri Alexa Mini LF, Sigma Classics