A positive aspect of this system is that all the gear lives on the trailer. Items needed can always be added later without the need to send someone on a run. Look at it like insurance – better safe than sorry.


Trailer packages have an additional $1.35/mi charge. This covers the truck that’s towing as well as the trailer.Labor is separate. The trailer will not be rented out without personnel.

Positions can be: Driver, Data Manager, Cam Op, DP, Producer, EP – Contact for Rates.

5 x Norms C-stands

2 x Norms Short C-stands

3 x Rolling Junior Stands

1 x Rolling 2-Rise Senior Stand

2 x Matthews Dana Dolly Stands

5 x Junior Lollipops

10 x Sandbags

2 x Nested Applebox Sets

Speedrail -1-1/4″ – 2 x 4′. 2 x 8′, 1 x 10′

2 x Menace Arm Kits

1 x Manfrotto Articulating Mega Boom

2 x 6×6 Frames

1 x 6×6 Magic Cloth

1 x 6×6 Silk

1 x 6×6 Claycote

1 x 6×6 Grid

2 x 4×4 Floppies

1 x 6×4 Flex-Fill

6 x Cardellinis

1 x 10″ x 10″ Cheeseplate/Mitchell Mount


3 x 25ft Stingers

3 x 50ft Stingers

1 x 100ft Stingers

3 to 2 prong adapters

Edison in-line Dimmers


Black Wrap

25ft Enclosed Trailer

Mini Fridge

Directors Chair


Hollyland Headsets x 8

Senior Magliner

7200wh onboard battery system

2000w Honda Generator