Pure Michigan // Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Client: Pure Michigan Agency: MMGY Production: Woodward Original DIrectors: Deka Brothers DP - Richie Trimble Editor - Joseph Talbot Colorist - Patrick Sexton Music - Assemble Sound V.O. - Tim Allen V.O. - Jessica Care Moore


GMC HUMMER EV // REVOLUTION In just over two years, a dedicated team of General Motors employees changed the automotive world forever. Catch the first glimpse of REVOLUTION: GMC HUMMER EV, a full-length documentary premiering Sunday, March 27 at 11 a.m. ET on The HISTORY® Channel. Production: WTP

Home Away From Home

Korean-American artists Joori Jung, dancer and choreographer, and Na Forest Lim, film director, have collaborated to create a dance film “Home Away From Home” that acts as a Stop Asian Hate PSA. The PSA follows Joori, a Detroit artist who experienced a hate crime as a


Director: Richie Trimble DP: Jeff Sukes DP: Tommy Daguanno Editor: Match Cut Edit Sound Design: Sebastian Oliwa